Do Veneers Make Teeth Look Bigger?

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A well-designed veneer from Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise does not make your tooth look larger – unless you want it to. Porcelain veneers can correct many cosmetic dental problems and are a minimally invasive restoration. During the placement of some porcelain veneers, an extremely thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. If…

How Do We Measure Dental Success?

For many Boise area dental patients, success is a routine check-up that reveals healthy teeth and no tooth decay. For us at Blaisdell Family Dentistry, success is a stunning smile makeover featuring the best cosmetic dentistry options available, such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and tooth-colored fillings. We’re all about delivering the best general and cosmetic…

Let’s Talk About Cosmetic Dentistry in Boise

Cosmetic Dentistry in Boise

Hello, At Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise, we are dedicated to beautifying smiles through restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Few physical improvements have such a dramatic effect on attractiveness and self-confidence as a smile makeover. Excellent oral health and a beautiful smile contribute to overall physical health and a high quality of life. Schedule a Consultation…

Porcelain Veneers in Boise: A Facelift for Your Teeth?

Porcelain Veneers in Boise

Today’s message focuses on an effective and versatile cosmetic dental procedure — porcelain veneers in Boise. Veneers are individual covers for the front part of your teeth. They are an exceptional way to repair a myriad of tooth imperfections such as chips, stains, yellowing, unattractive shape or minimal misalignment. Have you ever thought about getting a…

Want A Great Smile? Teeth Whitening in Boise

Whiter Teeth for Boise

Teeth whitening has become one of the easiest ways to upgrade your smile. And with cosmetic dentistry from Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise, there is little effort and no pain. Blaisdell Family Dentistry can help you understand your options for teeth whitening and the results you can expect from the procedures we offer. Over-the-counter whitening systems can…

Dental Veneers: 7 Fast Fixes For Boise Smiles

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Boise Affordable Dentistry

Hi! Welcome to the Blaisdell Family Dentistry dental blog. Today we are focusing on fabulous veneers, which are used extensively in cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers (also called laminates) are custom made to permanently cover the front part of one or more teeth. Wafer-thin, super-strong veneers can correct a variety of problems including: 1. Chips 2.…

What’s The Latest With Veneers?

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Boise Prepless Veneers

One of the latest breakthroughs in Boise cosmetic dentistry is prepless veneers. Though thousands of Nampa and Meridian smile restoration patients who have received traditional veneers are happy with the results, some Idaho dental patients have delayed this procedure because they do not want to lose healthy tooth structure.