Video Testimonials

“Hi I’m Suzy and I’ve been coming here for about 30 years. I keep coming here because I absolutely trust these people. Their professionalism, their continuing education, their out-of-the-box ideas, and I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, if I needed them it would open the office for me on Christmas morning and meet me there. This group has held my hands through virtually every dental procedure that could possibly exist. I broke a tooth in a way that doctor Lynn told me he’s only ever seen hockey players do and that resulted in an implant with which I’ve been very happy. When I first saw them 30 years ago they identified some genetic issues that I know and didn’t think I’d keep my teeth for another year and instead I’ve kept 30 years. But this last year I decided it was a struggle not worth maintaining and so now I have a denture but I’ve also had crowns and root canals and, oh heavens, you name it, I’ve done it. They’ve held my hand through the whole thing. I certainly have recommended Blaisdell Family Dental. My kids come here. My spouse comes here. I like the scheduling people. They will work beyond the call of duty to get you in if you have a situation, including going without lunch, staying late, coming in early, whatever the case may be. They are just absolutely dedicated.”

“I’m Hailey Hunter. I’ve been coming to Blaisdell family dental for about four years now. My pediatrician was aware of my son’s special needs as well as the fact that I have four kids that needed a dentist and he thought that the Blaisdells would be great for the job. I have a nerve disorder that requires special attention as I’m receiving dental work and Dr. Craig Blaisdell has just been so amazing. He’s gone above and beyond to make sure that I had the attention that I needed and to make sure that he scheduled me the time that I needed for him to treat my teeth. He always calls to check on me. He always calls to check on my kids when they’ve had something done and they just really have gone above and beyond to make sure that they treat me as a patient the way that I need to be treated. I do have four kids and we’ve come in for cleanings. They come in for any other dental care that they need and they actually look forward to coming. They really have a lot of fun. The dentists are so friendly. They make it an experience that my kids remember in a really positive way. They’ve never been anxious to come here no matter what they were having done. The dentists know how to work with the kids to put them at ease so I highly recommend this practice. I have recommended it to family and friends. My sister, her husband, and her three children are patients here. They have had as positive an experience as I’ve had with my family. I’ve only had positive experiences with Blasdell Family Dentistry, and you don’t always get that with a dentist’s office. Their care is remarkable. Their bedside manners remarkable. The whole staff is really friendly and great to work with from billing to just the front desk. The hygienist and the assistant staff. Everyone I’ve recommended as well has stayed with Blasdell Family Dentistry and really feels the same way that I do.”

“I’m Darwin. I’ve been coming to Blaisdell family dentistry for about 9 and a half almost 10 years now. I’ve had a lot of things done from one extraction to one implant made and a number of crowns. They call it Blaisdell Family dentistry because you’re treated like a family member. They just do absolutely the most conscientious beautiful work imaginable. What I like about being here though is that the entire team is friendly and wonderful and everybody’s very very skilled and so you’re greeted with warmth and affection and you always want to come back. You never dread coming into this dentist office for sure. I would recommend the Blaisdell team, Blaisdell Family Dentistry, to anybody that cares about hygiene and having a good cosmetically appealing mouth as well as functional. I did recommend that both my daughter and my son come here. My son had some issues that had to be corrected and part of it was impacting his personality. He didn’t smile much because he had been chewing his teeth down to the point that that get kind of a Jack-O-Lantern smile and Doctor Lynn and doctor Craig then went to work on it and gave him a set of uppers that absolutely changed his personality. The level of competence and the level of knowing the correct procedure to use or to recommend, or any of those things. These folks here they know what they’re doing I have no reservation about giving them a five star or ten Star endorsement or whatever. They’re just simply the best.”

“Hi I’m Shawn and I’ve been coming to Blaisdell dental for about eight or nine years. I had to ask around and done some research about good dentists and heard a lot of good things. Dr. Craig was new. We had young kids and wanted to start them out with somebody that was going to be around for their lifetime that would know their history. We started coming here and we love them and have stayed with them. So about six years ago I started a new job. I work out of town so my schedule is very challenging and Dr. Craig has always accommodated my schedule. Whether it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Even sometimes on his days off he makes time to see me for my dental needs. So I have two older kids that both have kids of their own and they bring their children which is a total of three and then I bring my youngest son here and then my daughter’s boyfriend brings his two little girls and he comes to see Dr. Craig. Then my son’s dad also brings his other two children here so our whole family comes to see Dr. Craig. When we bring our children here he’s always friendly. It isn’t just down to business. He talks to them about other things that relaxes them and gets them ready to be worked on so they don’t have the anxiety. They’re relaxed and laughing before he ever starts work and so that makes me feel confident because my kids have never had an issue with him because they’re always relaxed. I have something called Steven Johnson syndrome which I lost a lot of my teeth and when I came here Dr. Craig repaired all of my teeth. I have three bridges, a ton of crowns, and I have severe drug allergies and Dr. Craig has always worked around those. Dr. Craig is very nice and very friendly and very relaxing. When you come in you talk about other stuff to start with. We see him on the soccer field and he’s always very personable you know? You’re not just his patient, you’re also his friend and that makes me feel relaxed sitting comfortable when I come here and I trust him. We have recommended Dr. Craig to everybody that wants to know where we go to the dentist – because he’s friendly, he’s fair, he accommodates my whole family, he accommodates my schedule, and has gone above and beyond to be a great dentist to our family.”

“Hi I’m Hayden I’ve been coming to Dr. Craig for as long as I know. He’s very nice and he likes to make jokes alot and he’s just one of those people where you can trust him and they’re not just your dentist they can also be like friends. So you can get to know them a lot better. When I was young, I really liked getting those little toys at the end of it. That was the part I looked forward to at the end of it. They put all this different kind of stuff so at the end and you’re getting into the car it was always fun to just open it and start scrummaging through it to see what you got. A toothbrush and the size depends on how old you are. And floss and chapstick. I would recommend doctor Craig to my friends because he’s friendly and he’s kind. I think that they would get along with him. And no matter what he’s always a nice person. And he just, he’s there for you and if you’re scared he’ll help you get through that.”