Gina’s Story

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Video Transcript:
Well my name is Gina Hess and I am 41 and I have 2 kids and 2 grand kids. I work for the state of Idaho, I have been a softball umpire for almost 17 years. I am one of 2 female umpires and 75 total umpires, I have also been fortunate enough to be the president of the association for 4 years.

I had a dentist when I was a kid that was kind of intimidating, I had to go in to get a couple fillings done, they didn’t do then what they do now like pre-numb it and then do the shot, he just opened my mouth and stuck it in there and he hit a nerve pretty severely and I yanked it out, and he got upset with me and made me cry. It was very traumatizing, but I kept going to the dentist as a kid and hated it.

After I graduated from high school and became a mom, financially I don’t have the money to go anyway, so I didn’t go, for probably 17 years, at all. No cleanings no nothing, I just avoided it. I had molars that were cracked and broken, a front tooth that was completely gone, another was cracked and turning colors. My son in particular was like “Mom when are you going to do something about that?” It was really the pain that finally was to that overwhelming state.

My mom and my sister are season ticket holders for the Steelheads, the hockey team. They were always talking about the team dentist, who happens to be Dr. Blaisdell. They were like “They put Cory’s teeth back in, they picked him up off the ice and rushed him in and they were able to re-implant all his teeth.” and I was thinking “That’s the guy I need to go see.”

Gina - Patient testimonial of Boise dentist Dr. Blaisdell

With my sister in tow, I made her come with me to the dentist office, and I’m like “They’re just going to tell me that they are going to have to pull them all.” I was petrified, we can’t do that. When I went in to finally see the dentist he asked “How did you eat, I don’t understand how you chew.” I just said “You pick foods very carefully.”

So, he looked at them and took some x-rays and he was very easy going and easy to talk to. But, Dr. Blaisdell did give me hope that there was another option out there to save my teeth. They can do everything in one place, and I think that is important because they don’t have to send you to someone else. You get continuous continuity of care at their office without having to go somewhere else.

They have been awesome to work with and Katie and Dr. Blaisdell are just fantastic people. He’s just so funny when he walks into the room, he just gives you a big smile and “hey how’s it going?” He’s just so relaxed and easy going and he totally puts you at ease. He’s so personable and so genuine.

I just couldn’t believe it was my own mouth, you just get used to seeing things a certain way. “Wow, those are mine?” The longer you wait, it is only going to get worse, so you have to do it for yourself. I don’t think I realized it til I got it done. It’s like I have my life back.

To experience the same great, caring treatment that Gina did, please give us a call at our Boise dentist office today! While Gina’s story is a remarkable one about her getting her smile back, Dr. Blaisdell gave her the same respect and treatment that he provides for all of his patients!