What Our Patients Say

I have been a patient with Blaisdell Family Dentistry for several years. I had considered veneers for quite some time because I was unhappy with my smile. In every photo, I focused on my teeth and little else. Dr. Blaisdell encouraged me to try porcelain veneers and because I had a great degree of trust and confidence in his dental work, I finally agreed. I couldn’t be happier, and my smile shows it!  I have had several people tell me since Dr. Blaisdell did my veneers what a beautiful smile I have. That makes my entire day bright! Dr. Blaisdell and his staff are sensitive to my time constraints and my anxiety about needles. They are fun and caring people with whom you establish a personal as well as a professional relationship. I highly recommend Blaisdell Family Dentistry.

Mary K D.

The staff at Dr. Blaisdell’s office has one goal in mind. Making their patient comfortable and at ease while their dental work is completed. From the front office to the dental chair, your experience will be filled with pleasant and professional people working together. I know, I had extensive dental work that encompassed an entire year. Choosing Dr. Blaisdell for my dentist, and the good people that work with him, was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Val H.

My family and I have been long time clients of the Blaisdell Family Dentistry Team for at least 30 years.
I have had at least 3-4 emergency situations and they treated each situation with the upmost care, promptness, compassion and excellence.
My teeth have been through H, E, DOUBLE TOOTH PICK and back Every issue has been fixed or repaired because of the excellent, professional and state of the art work performed by Dr. Blaisdell and his staff I have perfect choppers.
Especially the staff members (Julie), (Tami) HELLO super friendly, courteous, kind and most of all professional.

Eric B.

I had worn upper dentures for many years prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Lynn Blaisdell twenty years ago.  My wife Karen, a patient of Dr. Blaisdell, recommended me.  Karen has the most wonderful smile and beautiful white natural teeth.
During the course of the first visits, Dr. Blaisdell fit me with new dentures and repaired my lower natural teeth.  I immediately began to smile and laugh more often.  My self-confidence was visibly enhanced.  At this point, Dr. Blaisdell and I discussed my opportunities and options for implants.  Dr. Blaisdell kept me up to date as the implant technology advanced.  With Dr. Blaisdell’s knowledge of implants, five years ago I made the decision to have the implant procedure completed
I am extremely pleased with my implants, teeth and the treatment and comfort provided by Dr.Blaisdell and his tremendous staff.
I highly recommend the Blaisdell Family Denistry to anyone considering implants or any other types of dental procedure.

Larry M.

Dr. Craig and Katie have been wonderful. We have been going to them our whole lives, and we have never had a bad experience. Love the debates on how to cook Thanksgiving stuffing. Also, when getting a shot, hold up your leg, it really works.

Brady & Casey R. (age 12 & 14)

The reconstruction work I had performed at Blaisdell Dentistry was absolutely amazing. Dr. Blaisdell (Dr. “B”) took the time to explain all facets of what would occur. In just over a year, I now have a beautiful smile and can enjoying laughing again without feeling self-conscience about my teeth. The entire staff, at Blaisdell Dentistry, made me feel like I was a part of their family and truly cared about any discomfort or fears I have. I myself am an extreme needle chicken and they totally put me at ease during all procedures. Thank you to the entire team at Blaisdell Family Dentistry!

Genie E.

Dr Blaisdales Dental Office is my choice for all my dental needs. I am impressed to see the time and education Dr Blaisdale invests to stay ahead of all the new procedures and methods in dentistry.  His expertise gives me confidence I am getting leading edge dental care. There is always friendly and talented staff there to make my dental care fast, efficient and effective. I love my smile.

Leroy P.

My entire experience at Dr. L. Blaisdell’s office was like no other dentist office I have had. 
The entire staff is personable, professional and fun. 
I was in an accident and Dr. Blaisdell had to do some extensive work on my mouth.  He gave me options not orders on treatment.  He gave wise counsel and compassion. 
I knew ahead of time what the treatment would be and the cost—no surprises. 
I highly recommend Dr. L. Blaisdell as a stellar Dr. as well as his wonderful staff. 

Debbie B.

“I just want to thank all of you at Blaisdell Family Dentistry for being so wonderful. As I am sure you are aware that I am a dental phobia person. With that qualified, I also want to say that Dr. B and his entire staff are the best dental folks on this planet. I thank you all for putting up with my phobia and treating me like a normal person who comes in for periodic check ups…something I will be doing once we get through the major stuff I have neglected for 25 years.

Today was, for me, and in my words only, a major rip and gouge, that I was not looking forward to. Stupid me. Dr. B and Kelly made it a no brainer and left me wondering why I waited so long to get my dental work dealt with.

All in all I just want to say thank you to the entire Dr. Blaisdell Family (as I consider all of you folks to be). You truly are a family to me and, although I doubt my dental phobia will disappear anytime soon, I will be back, again and again. Thank you for being the wonderful people that you are.”

–Don B.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Blasdell’s since he set up practice in Boise. Dr. Blaisdell is an excellent dentist who surrounds himself with personable, knowledgeable and very friendly staff. They have always treated me with respect and kindness.”

–Pam M.

“I have been seeing Dr. Blaisdell and his staff for about 20 years. I can say without hesitation, that the dental care I have received has been of the highest quality. I know that continuing education for he and his staff is very high priority, as well as using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. I am confident that I receive the best dental care available.”

–Larry L.

“There are very few things more important to me than the health and over all quality of my teeth. This is why I have trusted Dr. Lynn and Dr. Craig Blaisdell, and their office staff. They have been able to correct previous dental work that was done years ago from another dentist. They were able to restore my teeth and smile. I recommend their office and excellent work to all my friends.”

–Leroy P.

“Our family couldn’t be happier with Dr. Craig and his staff. Dr. Craig is a caring, personable and thorough professional – he has even called us personally the evening after having a corrective dental procedure to check on our well-being. His staff is always friendly and have gone out of their way to take care of my family’s dental needs. As someone who suffers from ‘dentist-induced anxiety,’ I highly recommend Dr. Craig Blaisdell.”

–Tara E.

“I was seeing the same dentist for nearly 10 years since their practice was very close to home and work and we built a trusting relationship which I feel is one of the most important reasons to choose and work with any health care provider. I moved about 15 miles away from their practice and continued visiting their practice for 2 more years.

Then I had some serious tooth pain and decided it was time for a change and find a practice closer to home and work. I searched on the web, in phone books and asked friends and relatives for references. I remembered hearing Dr. Blaisdell announced as one of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team dentists while at a game. Being an avid Steelheads hockey fan I figured that a dentist that can work with hockey players must have some unique talent. And the icing on the cake is that their practice is very close to my new home and office. They were able to see me on short notice. When I walked into the practice on my first visit the professional front office staff enthusiastically welcomed me by name. I heard pleasant laughter coming from the examination rooms. A hygienist came out, greeted me and led me to a very comfortable examination room. Once the preliminary exam was done I had the honor to meet my new dentist Dr. Craig Blaisdell. I was immediately at ease with Dr. Craig and the staff and I knew I made the right decision. It turns out that my pain was caused by a cracked tooth that needed a crown. I’ve had a crown procedure performed in the past but none as comfortable and painless as this!

Every visit since has been a very pleasant experience! Every one of the staff is professional yet very friendly and cheerful. Doctors Lynn and Craig Blaisdell are personable, confident and trustworthy. I have never hesitated and will continue to recommend Doctors Blaisdell to my family, friends and co-workers.”

–Mark A.

“My husband and I are patients of Dr. Lynn Blaisdell. Three months ago a mother and daughter from Honduras began living with us. Emily, who is six years old, has a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After two years of intense treatment in Honduras, Emily’s only hope was to come to the United States. After arriving, Emily has received chemotherapy, surgery, two more sessions of chemotherapy, and since the end of October, daily radiation. Additional medical interventions will continue for several months. Lourdes, Emily’s mother, has been unable to eat certain foods due to dental pain. My husband called Blaisdell Family Dentistry to ask if he would give us an opinion regarding the mother’s dental health. Dr. Blaisdell and his staff welcomed Lourdes and Emily into the office. Although we expected only a consultation or referral, Dr. Blaisdell decided to provide the necessary services. The encouragement this offer was to this concerned mother cannot be measured. Dr. Blaisdell and his staff have provided state of the art dentistry for my husband and myself for over 30 years. The treatment they are providing for Lourdes is one of many examples we have witnessed of their caring professionalism!”

–G. Randall