5 Benefits of Preventative Dentistry in Boise

Sun Valley Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentistry preventative Dentistry in Boise

At Blaisdell Family Dentistry, we promote preventative dentistry in Boise for young children by developing decay prevention plans and helping our patients establish and preserve proper dental practices. If today’s kids can avoid tooth decay, it will benefit them more than you may realize in the future. How Does Preventative Dentistry in Boise Benefit You?…

Let’s Talk About Cosmetic Dentistry in Boise

Cosmetic Dentistry in Boise

Hello, At Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise, we are dedicated to beautifying smiles through restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Few physical improvements have such a dramatic effect on attractiveness and self-confidence as a smile makeover. Excellent oral health and a beautiful smile contribute to overall physical health and a high quality of life. Schedule a Consultation…

A Dentist’s Indispensable Tool: Digital X-rays in Boise

Digital X-ray in Boise

Providing unmatched dental care is much easier for dentists when they have extensive, comprehensive information about their patients’ oral health. Pictures are more accurate than written notes. To go a step further, pictures that show what’s going on below the visible surface of your teeth are worth even more than a thousand words. So, along with…

Porcelain Veneers in Boise: A Facelift for Your Teeth?

Porcelain Veneers in Boise

Today’s message focuses on an effective and versatile cosmetic dental procedure — porcelain veneers in Boise. Veneers are individual covers for the front part of your teeth. They are an exceptional way to repair a myriad of tooth imperfections such as chips, stains, yellowing, unattractive shape or minimal misalignment. Have you ever thought about getting a…


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