Laughing Gas

Laughing gas Is The Preferred Sedation For Boise PatientsLaughing gas is probably the most well-known sedation dentistry option. Those with a fear of the dentist love the effectiveness of laughing gas in helping them feel relaxed during visits to our Boise office. Though the name sounds silly, laughing gas actually enables patients to enjoy their treatments.


Laughing gas is a gas which is administered through a breathing tube. It is colorless, odorless, and doesn’t irritate your lungs. Within a few minutes after inhaling the laughing gas, you will feel a sense of euphoria. This pleasurable sensation brought about by laughing gas will last until your treatment at our office near Eagle ID is finished and the breathing tube is removed. Even those with an intense fear of the dentist can feel calm and relaxed during their visit.

Aaron B.

"I have been coming to Blaisdell Family Dentistry for about seven years now. I used to suffer from dental anxiety but Dr. Blaisdell and his staff have helped me feel at ease and have made my visits pleasant. That is saying a lot! I don't dread going to the dentist anymore!"


If You Have A Fear Of The Dentist - Try laughing gas At Our Office Near Meridian ID

  • Rapid Effect: Within a few breaths you will feel the calming sensation of the laughing gas. If you have a fear of the dentist, you may feel that fear of the dentist leave you within seconds.
  • Multiple Levels of Sedation: The level of sedation can be changed from moment to moment, allowing the patient to choose the desired level of calmness.
  • No Hangover: After the laughing gas administration at our office near Meridian ID, you won’t feel any negative side effects. You can drive home immediately after treatment with no impairment.
  • No Injection: Since the gas is administered through the nose, no needles are necessary. This is a huge benefit for those with a fear of the dentist and/or needles.
  • Safety: Laughing gas is extremely safe and has been utilized successfully millions of times.

Dental Anxiety No More – Contact Us About Laughing Gas Dentistry Today!

If you have a fear of the dentist in the Boise, Meridian or Eagle ID area and are worried about the possible pain you can experience when you visit the sedation dentist, ask about laughing gas! It can help you relax, reduce anxiety and feel comfortable during the entire dental sedation procedure. Call and set an appointment now!