General Dentistry

Girl from Eagle, ID now has incredible dental hygiene after her general dentistry appointment in Boise.Our general dentistry services focus on oral health promotion and disease or issue prevention for patients in the Boise, Eagle or Meridian ID area. A routine dental hygiene appointment includes a complete oral health exam, and oral cancer screening. We also check the health of your teeth, including decay, as well as the health of your gums to ensure there is no gum or periodontal disease presents.

Our gentle dental approach is perfect for children. We make dental hygiene visits fun and interesting and take the time to teach your little ones about how to brush and floss their teeth to maintain optimal oral health.


DENTAL HYGIENE | Teenager has good dental health thanks to general dentist Dr. Blaisdell in BoiseDental hygiene visits are critical to maintaining optimal oral health. We encourage our patients to undergo routine dental hygiene visits which include cleanings, digital x-rays and oral cancer screenings.  Too many people wait until they have cavities, or other dental problems to come in for a visit to our office near Eagle ID. Dental hygiene visits make it possible to prevent major dental issues and bypass the pain and expense associated with neglected teeth.

DEEP SCALING AND ROOT PLANING | Deep scaling and root planing are treatments used to address periodontal gum disease. The scaling removes bacterial deposits and planing smooths the root surfaces to promote gum healing and general oral health.

ORAL CANCER SCREENING | Oral cancer screenings are just one of the general dentistry procedures offered in Boise.Regular oral cancer screenings are vital to early cancer detection. We check you for any oral abnormalities that may indicate cancerous growths using state of the art technology and also note any abnormalities around the mouth, jaw and neck. Oral cancer screening saves lives.

X-RAYS | X-rays are used as part of our general dentistry exams. They allow us to see the big picture including activity occurring below the teeth and gums. Oral health issues like cavities, wisdom teeth, cancerous or benign growths aren’t visible to the naked eye and require x-rays to properly diagnose. According to the American Dental Association dental x-rays help identify the following conditions:

Keep Dental Hygiene in Check in Boise

We offer all the general dentistry services you would expect from a general dentistry practice — and even the unexpected (like oral cancer screening). You oral health is our top priority and we invest the time, resources and energy needed to provide the highest quality general dentistry care available. Schedule a visit today at our Boise office, near Meridian and Eagle ID, to find out why so many make Blaisdell Family Dentistry their general dentistry partner.