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dental crowns Boise

Dental crowns have been around for thousands of years and are still used to restore smiles today. Ancient dentists used ivory, bone, and seashells to make crowns for teeth. At Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise, our procedures and materials have kept up with the times.

A dental crown procedure consists of numerous steps:

Tooth Preparation
We anesthetize the tooth to be crowned and then prepare it. All decay is removed and what remains is shaped. Sometimes, the tooth is too small; in that case, we build up the core of the tooth with filling material to create a heavy-duty base for the crown.

Creating a Good Impression
A putty-like substance is used to create an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth. An impression will also be made of the teeth that oppose the crown. This ensures a proper bite.

The Temporary Crown
As the permanent crown is made in a lab, a temporary crown is used to protect the tooth and make sure it doesn’t move in the mouth. Patients need to be careful with their temporary crown. It is not as strong as the permanent crown and is attached only with temporary cement. Avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods. The tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold.

Choosing a Color
We’ll use a shade guide to settle upon a shade for the crown. Most people don’t have teeth the exact same color. You will need to ascertain the best shade to blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Your Crown Is Put In Place
When the new crown is ready, we place it in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments for fit. This process shouldn’t be rushed. Sometimes less than a millimeter of drilling can make the difference between an ill-fitting crown one that is just right.

Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise has long experience with dental crowns. We also provide popular cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, and much more.

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