How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Tooth Color

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It’s common for people to want white teeth. Most of us, though, have discolored or just plain yellow teeth. Teeth whitening from Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise can make a difference.

Genetics, Anyone?

As with other physical characteristics, there is a genetic component to your oral health. You can thank your parents if your enamel is thick and strong. If it is resistant to tooth decay, you can thank them again. Even more importantly, you can thank them if they taught you to take care of your teeth.

Like complexions, natural tooth shade varies from person to person. Some of us have whiter teeth naturally. But many men and women have tarnished teeth due to their lifestyle. Dietary habits and dental hygiene influence tooth color as well as overall oral health.

Lifestyle Habits That Affect Tooth Color

Did you know that your enamel is like your skin? It contains pores that can get clogged and discolored. The most common practices that work against you are:

  1. Smoking
  2. Sodas and other dark colored drinks, i.e. coffee, red wines, and teas
  3. Not practicing daily oral hygiene
  4. Not having proper dental care

If you want to brighten your teeth, the aforementioned habits will work against you. For the whitest possible teeth, we recommend kicking them to the curb.

Acids Weaken Enamel

Another way these practices cause teeth yellowing is due to acids. A continual onslaught of acidic beverages erodes tooth enamel. This is true whether or not the drinks are dark colored.

Dentin Isn’t The Best Look For Your Smile

The tooth layer under the enamel is called dentin. Unfortunately, dentin is dark yellow. If you are eroding your enamel, you are making it easier to see the yellow dentin. Dentin is also softer and more prone to decay—which is more harmful than a yellow smile.

For the whitest possible teeth, consider teeth whitening at Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise. It’s just one of our cosmetic dentistry procedures, and it can make all the difference. Call for an appointment today!

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