Are Dentures Inevitable?

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Implant Anchored Dentures in Boise

Are you one of the fortunate Boise people with healthy teeth? Would you like to keep them healthy for the rest of your life? Some Boise residents believe that keeping their teeth healthy into the golden years is unlikely if not impossible. At Blaisdell Family Dentistry, we are happy to assure you that this is…

A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth In Boise

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Boise Permanent Tooth Replacement

Are you one of the many Boise men and women who has had a tooth extracted? If the tooth had been bothering you, it may have been a relief. Unless, of course, the tooth was in the front of your mouth and now the gaping hole shows every time you smile. Ignoring it is impossible…

4 Teeth All in a Row for Idaho

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Nampa dental financing

Perhaps getting everything lined up for a breathtaking smile can take a bit of finagling. Maybe you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry. At Blaisdell Family Dentistry, Dr. Lynn Blaisdell and Dr. Craig Blaisdell are commonly seen working miracles on all types of smiles.