Dental Implants Play a Starring Role in Makeovers and Mouth Reconstruction

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Dental inplants from Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise dramatically transform smiles. They are commonly used in both smile makeovers and complete mouth reconstruction.

Dental implants restore form to your teeth and function to your bite. They are both cosmetic and restorative, which leads  to a common question: What’s the difference between a smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction?

They may include similar procedures, but they are not the same thing. A basic difference is the principal goal for each type of treatment.

A cosmetic smile makeover

With a smile makeover the main objective is to create a beautiful smile. The patient may want to realign their teeth into a more pleasing configuration. They may want to whiten stained teeth, repair chipped teeth, or replace old silver fillings.

Complete mouth reconstruction

The goal of mouth reconstruction is to restore damaged or missing teeth, and natural tooth function.

Procedures include root canals, dental implants, or crowns. Total mouth reconstruction also has the benefit of a better smile, but that’s secondary.

Dental implants play a starring role in both smile makeovers and total mouth reconstruction. At Blaisdell Family Dentistry in Boise we can do both. Patients from Eagle, Meridian, and Sun Valley have come to us for implants and other tooth replacement options. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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